Federal Advisory Board As a Service

Federal Advisory Boards are a great way to gain market insight into government programs, inform corporate leadership of emerging Federal policy changes and advise product managers on evolving customer requirements. However, many Federal Advisory Boards never quite live up to their expectations. The first challenge lies in selecting an appropriate mix of Advisors who are action-oriented. The second challenge lies in running the Board in a way that extracts maximum value. Creating an effective, action-oriented Federal Advisory Board requires an experienced facilitator to lead Board integration with corporate rhythms. Buck Consulting Group’s Federal Advisory Board Service ensures clients gain the highest return-on-investment from their Federal Advisors. We transform Federal Advisory Board engagements from four “one-off” meetings to an integrated, value-added business function.

Federal Advisory Board Affiliates

Kevin Brock

Randy Mahr

Allie Leslie

Gil Klinger

Rhett Hernandez

Dave Simpson

Drew Winneberger

Gary Kessler

Tom Trask

Janice Gardner