Market Penetration Programs

Spark demand in specific markets and unlock target agencies.

Entering a new market requires mission awareness, a clear value proposition, and an executable go-to-market strategy. Using BCG’s “Know the Market, Go to Market”™ system, our Market Penetration Programs jump-start business in client-prioritized accounts. Buck Group SMEs serve as an extension of the client go-to-market team and jointly own the outcome of the project. A FedMatch™ planning workshop generates the “play book”: value propositions against customer need, prioritized accounts, initial partner ecosystem, and core messaging needs for increasing customer brand awareness. Our SMEs support the client team in go-to-market execution: conducting “Agency 101”, mapping the organization, identifying key stakeholders and opportunities, developing pursuit strategies and coaching sales teams on engaging customers. One-on-one account coaching, product placement, go-to-market, and technology partner planning are used to generate opportunities and help close business.